Boost Team Productivity With Microsoft Loop Templates

Microsoft Loop Templates
Learn about Microsoft Loop Templates. We cover how Loop compares to Notion, benefits, its integrations, and whether Loop is free.

You’ve probably heard about Microsoft Loop Templates and how they are supposed to help you collaborate. It might sound exciting but you’re wondering; are they actually worth using? Microsoft Loop Templates seem simple, but they have more to offer than meets the eye.

Searching for a productivity boost? Look no further than Loop components, potent resources designed to amplify your daily accomplishments and help you tackle your to-do list with ease. 

Microsoft Loop Templates

Microsoft Loop Components: A Closer Look

Now let’s break down how Microsoft Loop Components actually work and what makes them so unique. They’re not static pieces of information you just copy and paste.

These are “live” objects – think of them as building blocks within a flexible canvas. The beauty is these components can live independently. Loop components, are shareable units, each designed for a specific purpose, but they can all be used across Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word on the web, and Whiteboard.

Microsoft Loop

The Different Types of Loop Components

There’s a wide range of Loop components – enough to help structure different workflows.

The Microsoft Loop templates come with basic options like:

  • Lists: Keep track of action items, brainstorm ideas, or gather resources.

  • Tables: Build detailed task lists with assignees, deadlines, and statuses. Track project progress. Visualize voting tables during team decisions.

  • Paragraphs: These components allow real-time note-taking. Collaborative agendas for meetings can be made and everyone is on the same page (literally.).


They’ve also been adding more specialized ones, including:

  • Code snippets: Allow developers to collaborate and share code across projects.

  • Checklists: Useful for task management, making sure steps aren’t missed. 

  • Progress trackers: Visualize project milestones with progress bars and keep everyone updated.

  • Dates: Coordinate team schedules across different time zones with visual calendars.


Pages & Workspaces: The Heart of Collaboration

 Microsoft Loop templates are really built around two key structures: Loop pages and Loop workspaces. Let’s start with workspaces. 

A Microsoft Loop Workspace is where all the project pieces come together. Loop pages are the specific documents or boards within these workspaces where people brainstorm, build strategies, track progress and work. It is how they interact with these workspaces and the individual pages.

How Microsoft Loop Templates Can Transform your Workflows 

Now for the good stuff: real-world application. Imagine these as starting points, pre-formatted structures that get you right into collaborative work without building things from scratch.

Take the Project Management Brief Template: I can’t even tell you how many projects get slowed down by confusion over objectives, timelines, and who’s doing what.

This template lays out everything clearly: it includes sections for objectives, deliverables, stakeholders, deadlines, even budget tracking. Everyone instantly knows where to look for information.

For teams struggling with messy meeting notes, try the Meeting Notes template. Instead of a rambling document full of bullet points, you get designated sections for attendees, action items, decisions made, key takeaways. Your notes are organized, easily shared, and searchable afterward.

Miscrosoft Loop Notion Killer


The Future of Microsoft Loop Templates:  A Notion Killer? 

Notion is awesome, it is. But it’s an entirely separate platform. For a team already heavily using Microsoft 365, it means another tool to learn and navigate. With Microsoft Loop Templates, you’re streamlining right into tools you are probably already familiar with. 

Remember back in March when the Microsoft Loop announcement happened. The Verge called it a “Notion competitor with futuristic Lego-like Office documents and its AI-powered Copilot assistant.” and XDA-developers said that Microsoft Loop had “the potential to revolutionize the way we work on projects, collaborate with our peers, and exchange data.

Now it’s become a reality. The deep integration alone might sway teams towards Microsoft Loop templates just for the convenience factor. 


Microsoft is actively adding features, including more specialized templates for different business functions. The vision for Microsoft Loop templates is to handle pretty much every collaborative task, but all from within the trusted Microsoft ecosystem. 

Exploring Microsoft Loop’s Capabilities

Microsoft Loop may feel like a simpler version of Notion, but it’s designed for integration with Microsoft products. Loop workspaces offer a clear dashboard to view and organize Loop Pages. Microsoft Loop Pages act as canvases for you and your team.

Each Loop Page can be used for a single project and you can copy or link to specific Loop Pages inside Workspaces to ensure projects can seamlessly integrate with each other.

In Loop, the component portion stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Let’s take a look at them in more detail. 

Component magic happens when Microsoft Loop’s parts come together in perfect harmony, creating an experience that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts.

In stark contrast to static elements, Loop Components come alive, responding to your workflow needs with agility and precision.  

Components seamlessly blend into multiple Microsoft applications and offer features that work well for remote or hybrid team members that struggle with time zone differences or different work style preferences.  

There are many reasons to use Microsoft Loop and one of the best reasons is real time updates of components.  

Teams will benefit greatly from this collaborative workspace because each Loop component can include user mentions and task assignments. 

What else can you expect to get from using Microsoft Loop components?  

Your daily to-dos just got a whole lot easier – our task lists let you tackle that growing list and crossing off each item as you go. 

It includes a progress tracker table with color-coded tags, but it does not allow you to filter by tag (although they may incorporate this in a future update). 


How Microsoft Loop Differs From Notion

Microsoft has put some thought into its Loop Templates, but it still lacks some key functionality that Notion excels at, but there are still many great things Microsoft Loop does offer.  

Microsoft has created basic templates with checklists, voting tables, progress tracker tables, task lists, and a Q&A feature, but if you’re looking for more diverse functionality such as CRM database management you won’t find that yet.  

Although there’s currently no easy way to migrate from Notion to Microsoft Loop you may find yourself wanting to switch apps.  Microsoft Loop can definitely help you get started easily in the world of shared workspaces, project and page templates. 

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences to give you an idea of how they compare:




Microsoft Loop


Template Variety

Extensive template library for diverse use cases

Limited number of basic templates for common tasks

Database Functionality

Powerful database capabilities for data management and organization

Basic table structures with limited filtering and sorting options

Component Sharing

Components can be easily shared as standalone links across platforms

Sharing is restricted to within Microsoft applications

Third-Party Integrations

Supports integration with a wide range of third-party apps and services

Integration primarily focused on the Microsoft ecosystem

Platform Maturity

Mature platform with advanced features and robust functionality

Relatively new platform still in its early stages of development


FAQs about Microsoft Loop Templates 

How to create templates in Microsoft Loop?

To date you cannot create and share your own templates.  

While many people are asking for Microsoft Loop Templates to be saveable you can use one of the existing built-in templates and edit it to suit your own purpose.

They are not reusable or sharable in the way Notion does this but for those asking the question “is Microsoft Loop Free”, you can easily sign up with your Microsoft Loop account.

If you do not already have a Microsoft Loop account you can sign up for free here and you can then explore what Microsoft has to offer. You will then be able to easily add team members, share Loop, and edit items. 


Is Microsoft Loop free?

Microsoft Loop is free during their public preview, so you and your team can jump right in and explore.  Microsoft may place restrictions during their public launch, so we’ll see what the future holds for Microsoft Loop templates. 


Is Loop a replacement for OneNote?

While Microsoft Loop can handle notes, lists, and tables, and the components can be integrated with OneNote, they are entirely different applications with their own benefits. It really depends on your workflows – OneNote remains a fantastic note-taking tool with advanced features.


What is a Loop template?

Organizing and collaborating just got a whole lot easier thanks to Microsoft Loop Templates, which provide a pre-built structure to get you started.  

These could be project timelines, meeting agendas, product strategy documents; you name it. This will save time for you because you will be able to easily insert items and create components. 



For those working primarily in the Microsoft ecosystem, the ability to insert Microsoft Loop Templates across the entire 365 suite will allow teams to stay focused, collaborate more seamlessly, easily insert new Loop components and move more swiftly towards shared goals.  

Will Microsoft Loop Templates dethrone Notion as the reigning king of organization and project management?  

Only time will tell. 

Take the templates for a test drive – you never know when you’ll hit upon a game-changing solution for your team. 


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